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Size: 50ML

Top Notes: Strawberry

Mid Notes: Milk

Base Notes: Vanilla

An enchanting perfume that captures the essence of a luscious strawberry paradise. Immerse yourself in a dreamy fragrance experience as the delicate notes of ripe strawberries dance upon your senses, their natural sweetness intertwined to create a vibrant symphony of fruity bliss.

As the aroma unfolds, a gentle embrace of creamy milk delicately mingles with the juicy strawberries, adding a touch of comforting indulgence to the composition. The velvety smoothness of milk intertwines seamlessly, enhancing the fragrance's allure and giving it a creamy softness that caresses your skin.

To complete this captivating olfactory journey, a warm and alluring vanilla note emerges, infusing the scent with an irresistible seductive charm. The vanilla essence wraps around the strawberry and milk accord, imparting a sensual and velvety character that lingers with a tantalizing embrace.

Strawberry Crème is a fragrance that embodies the joy and sweetness of a summer's day, capturing the essence of nature's berry bounty. With each spritz, be transported to a world where the aroma of fresh strawberries dance in the air, evoking a sense of pure bliss and carefree happiness.

Perfumer: Lucky Armstrong

Customer Reviews

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Nora Walker
Strawberry creme

This smells A-mazing!!! A really great fragrance!

Amanda Pierce
Smells amazing

I love this scent! I need to find some good lotion to go with jt

Long Lasting and Perfectly Sweet!

I’ve been wearing Strawberry Creme every day since I received it. I’m obsessed. It is such a sweet and subtle, yet long lasting, scent. So much better than a cheap body spray.

Lauren Cron
Giving me Strawberry Bubblicious!!

Does anyone remember the strawberry bubblicious bubble gum?? Seriously, it smells exactly like this perfume. It’s super sweet and smells great. I would have like maybe a little more crème on the dry down, but still a great strawberry scent if that’s your vibe!! I may wear with Vanilla Matrimony and see if I can get it a little more creamy.

Aylin Noemi
My New Favorite Perfume!!!

I have tried a couple of the Chanceux perfumes. All are great but this is the stand out for me. I like a sweet perfume with out it being overly sweet and this is perfect. No denying the Strawberry scent and this stuff lasts all day!