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Size: 50ML

Top Notes: Grapefruit

Mid Notes: Raspberry, Pear

Base Notes: Marshmallow, Violets

Marshmallow Island is fragrance that encapsulates the essence of an enchanted retreat where dreams are woven into the air you breathe. This scent is a haven for the soul, a place where the sweetness of life is celebrated, and every moment is infused with the magic of bliss.

Top Note: Grapefruit – Your journey to Marshmallow Island begins with a lively burst of Grapefruit, its zesty brightness like the first rays of sun kissing the island's shores. This invigorating introduction awakens the senses, guiding you into the heart of this olfactory paradise.

Mid Notes: Raspberry and Pear – As you venture deeper, the island reveals its heart through the luscious blend of Raspberry and Pear. The Raspberry, with its rich, sweet-tart vibrancy, mingles with the gentle, succulent sweetness of Pear. This delightful fusion embodies the island's spirit, where every breath is filled with the joy of discovery and the warmth of sun-drenched fruits.

Base Notes: Marshmallow and Violets – The essence of Marshmallow Island culminates in a comforting embrace of Marshmallow and Violets. The Marshmallow, soft and dreamy, offers a foundation of creamy sweetness, reminiscent of clouds floating in a serene sky. The Violets, with their delicate floral whisper, add a touch of sophistication and depth, evoking the island's hidden groves and secret flower-laden paths.

Perfumer: Lucky Armstrong

Customer Reviews

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I'm in love

This scent is fruity yet creamy and it just comes together to transport you to an island getaway. Im so glad I purchased this scent for the summer.

Shemika Dublin

I love this fragrance , I have nothing else that smells like it, I just wanted to wear this all the time im
In love 🥰

Refreshing marshmallow

This is not your typical marshmallow fragrance. It's layered with a fresh fruit opening then develops into marshmallow fluff. So good.

Heather Van Houten
Marshmallow Powder

My favorite part of Marshmallow Island is that is smells like the powder sugar on the a marshallow as youre eating it. It is my fave sent to layer with any fruity or fruity florals I have, but it is excellent on its own as well. My sister is very picky and this is her fave fragrance in my collection. I will be getting a bottle for her for her birthday <3

Amanda Pierce